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THUG inc. isn't just a clothing brand, it's a lifestyle. In a world of popular trends and people following each other, we wanted to go against the grain and do things our way! We want to add that higher value but at the same still have that aggressive look that stands out. THUG inc. is a brand most recognized by the motorcycle enthusiast and Harley Davidson crowd. But make no mistake, we support all action sports and they're lifestyles including: surfing, skateboarding, motorcross and offroad racing, bmx, mma fighting and more! We are here to show everyone that in a world of sheep, we will not conform. We strive to put out the best quality and customer service available. Because after all, the customer is our most valued asset and while you support us, we will support you right back! So whatever you do, go out and kick ass at it THUG style and make your life's motto: NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER, NEVER RETREAT AND TAKE NO PRISONERS! 

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